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We'll match you with companies that are looking for people like you to provide honest feedback and complete their surveys.

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6/26/22 9:15 AM
ON: Thabiso14 just earned $1.54 with CPX Research
6/26/22 9:15 AM
ON: Thabiso14 - we received your payment request for $1.84.
6/26/22 9:17 AM
ON: mostafaeldisha just earned $0.42 with CPX Research
6/26/22 9:19 AM
ON: Coocoocachoo just earned 526.9875 points with Offer #32379191
6/26/22 9:19 AM
ON: mhdj1980 just earned $0.85 with Dynata Daily Surveys USA - $0.85
6/26/22 9:20 AM
ON: Dayab_875 just earned $1.27 with CPX Research
GB - 6/26/22 9:20 AM
Dy3rLfc87: Cashed out well over a hour ago still nit received in PayPal
6/26/22 9:21 AM
ON: Dayab_875 - we received your payment request for $1.28.
6/26/22 9:22 AM
ON: Liamtxu just earned 44.46 points with - Withdrawal
6/26/22 9:22 AM
ON: Lucakes - we received your payment request for $1.04.
MX - 6/26/22 9:22 AM
Dayab_875: @Dy3rLfc87 - Don't worry, last time I got paid after 5 hours.
6/26/22 9:23 AM
ON: mhdj1980 - we received your payment request for $8.75.
GB - 6/26/22 9:25 AM
Dy3rLfc87: @Dayab_875 - aye a waiting game it is then
6/26/22 9:26 AM
ON: pedro356 - we received your payment request for $1.56.
MX - 6/26/22 9:26 AM
Dayab_875: @Dy3rLfc87 - Yes, don't worry, it's a matter of waiting.
6/26/22 9:27 AM
ON: rodmitch99 just earned 63 points with Offer #161799659
6/26/22 9:30 AM
ON: cobrakai1974 just earned 36.12 points with Offer #161801032
6/26/22 9:30 AM
ON: verito_17 just earned 13 points with Offer #6
6/26/22 9:33 AM
ON: Dizzy1976 - we received your payment request for $1.09.
6/26/22 9:36 AM
ON: princess9970 just earned 45 points with Revenue Universe
6/26/22 9:39 AM
ON: Exce1 just earned 84 points with nexusProject1291399
6/26/22 9:39 AM
ON: Alberto89 just earned $0.31 with CPX Research
6/26/22 9:42 AM
ON: TREX100 just earned 72 points with nexusProject1288470
6/26/22 9:42 AM
ON: foxymoxy2213 just earned $1.20 with More Surveys Exclusive Unlimited - $1.20
6/26/22 9:45 AM
ON: Nayeli2502 just earned $0.10 with CPX Research
6/26/22 9:45 AM
ON: TREX100 - we received your payment request for $1.70.
6/26/22 9:46 AM
ON: Jayblack95 just earned $0.70 with Dynata International - $0.70
6/26/22 9:47 AM
ON: lindsaym727 just earned 88.2 points with Offer #161803363
6/26/22 9:50 AM
ON: rodmitch99 just earned 208 points with Insight Surveys
6/26/22 9:51 AM
ON: hyunday78 just earned 27 points with nexusProject1291994
6/26/22 9:51 AM
ON: ChrisBama29 just earned 351.325 points with Offer #32393674
6/26/22 9:52 AM
ON: Lauramireles13 just earned $0.10 with CPX Research
6/26/22 9:55 AM
ON: ChrisBama29 - we received your payment request for $3.51.
6/26/22 9:55 AM
ON: rodmitch99 - we received your payment request for $2.73.
6/26/22 9:56 AM
ON: duke001 just earned 43 points with nexusProject1293931
US - 6/26/22 9:56 AM
rodmitch99: Did they take the instant payout off?
6/26/22 9:57 AM
ON: vergil69 just earned 717.6 points with Multimedia/Downloads UK CPA
6/26/22 9:58 AM
ON: vergil69 - we received your payment request for $7.32.
GB - 6/26/22 9:58 AM
vergil69: Guess they did, that sukks
6/26/22 9:59 AM
ON: Bigtimers1000 just earned 313 points with nexusProject1287220
6/26/22 10:04 AM
ON: Bigtimers1000 just earned 13 points with Offer #2466
6/26/22 10:06 AM
ON: princess9970 just earned 260 points with Go2Bank
6/26/22 10:06 AM
ON: Bigtimers1000 just earned 22.75 points with Offer #86
6/26/22 10:07 AM
ON: kyotoshin just earned 13.26 points with - Withdrawal
6/26/22 10:08 AM
ON: Mehwishnaz just earned 21.42 points with Offer #161806967
6/26/22 10:11 AM
ON: Marc1943 just earned $0.85 with Dynata Daily Surveys USA - $0.85
6/26/22 10:11 AM
ON: ryanl1982 just earned $0.19 with CPX Research
6/26/22 10:11 AM
ON: kellykel just earned 147 points with Offer #161806918
6/26/22 10:12 AM
ON: princess9970 just earned 748 points with Offertoro
6/26/22 10:15 AM
ON: Jayblack95 just earned $0.70 with Dynata International - $0.70
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Why Would a Company Pay Me to Take Online Surveys?

Legitimate companies and organisations need feedback in order to improve products and services. They use market research firms to get that feedback from people like you and as that feedback is vital to them, they will pay real money for you to share your opinion. Working with offernation means you are working with a legitimate survey and research company that pays you to take online surveys. We provide access to surveys from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals just like you!

What types of surveys for money can I take?

Many different types of market research surveys exist. Examples include brand recognition surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product preference studies, clinical trials, product testing opportunities on items such as beauty products, advertising effectiveness surveys and so forth. You might be asked by companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Pandora, eBay, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb. Depending on which types of survey companies are currently looking for, there may be different options available to you.

When Is the Best Time to Complete Surveys for Cash?

You can participate in online surveys any time you want! Surveys can be a fun way to earn extra income by doing something you enjoy during your spare time. Typically our members find most paid surveys area available through the week Monday to Friday, but you will still find earning opportunities at the weekend.

Does offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, Offernation offers all new members a join bonus which is added to your earning account automatically when you join. This join bonus is a great first step to you reaching your first cash out. There's a lot of ways to make money with surveys. Some people will ask you questions, others will give you tasks to complete (like watching videos

Is it just surveys for money, or are there other paid activities?

Offernation offer more than just paying for online surveys. we've got a whole bunch of other things you can do while you wait to earn additional money. For example, you can earn by watching videos, playing games, reading articles, searching the web, and even downloading apps. All these things count towards your earnings and help boost your income. Our goal is to help you find ways to make money online while having fun doing so. We also offer a referral program where you can earn points and cash when people sign up through your referral link. We only work with legitimate survey companies to bring you relevant online market research surveys

What are the advantages on using online survey sites?

You can make real cash online using with legitimate survey sites. All you need is an internet connection, a valid email address and in your spare time you could bring in a steady stream of income by taking paid surveys, playing online games, watching videos and more. Average earnings per survey can vary from $0.50 - $10 for each single survey depending on the site, and offernation is one of the highest paying sites around. Average survey length is usually between 10 and 20 minutes, so it doesn't take long to earn cash rewards.

Why Should I Take Online Surveys With

Offernation is one of the best ways to earn extra cash through surveys. You'll find new surveys daily, so there are always plenty of options for you to take advantage of. With more survey opportunities available, there will be more chances for you to earn some extra cash from home. With its fast payout system, Offernation doesnt make you wait for weeks before receiving your payout. All verified payments are processed within eight hours. We offer our members a free sign up bonus, a low payout threshold and there are no limitations on how much you can earn each day. From time to time, our survey providers will send you survey invitations with relevant opportunities where you can earn even more for every single survey you complete. Average earnings can vary for each member depending on a number of factors such as location, age, gender, hobbies and more.

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