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How to Make Money Online at Offernation

This help guide has been created to assist all our worldwide members in understanding how Offernation.com operates and how to make money working online.

It is important that you understand how to complete the paid surveys and offers correctly to maximize your chances of the advertiser approving each offer you do.

Advertisers will only pay us when you complete a paid survey or offer correctly following all of the instructions.

If you fail to complete the offer incorrectly, attempt to cheat the offer or duplicate the offer on another website then the advertiser will not pay.

Every time you complete an offer correctly, you get paid by means of a direct credit onto your account either in cash or points. You are advised before attempting the survey, the value and type of reward available and you should proceed if you are happy with the reward being offered by the advertiser.

The process for each offer crediting is very simple

  • (A) You complete offer correctly and upon reaching the success page the advertiser will confirm the successful completion and arrange to credit your account.
  • (B) The credit for the task is applied to your account ( this can take from a few minutes up to 30 days depending on the offer you are doing! )
  • (C) We pay you (Payments are made throughout the day and most payments are sent within a few hours of request. )


Please note:

If you do the offer incorrectly then you don't get credited by the advertiser.
If you don't get credited by the advertiser then we do not receive any commission as a result.
It is very much in our interest and your interest to ensure that you complete each offer EXACTLY as required to ensure that we all earn money :-)

The most important advice we can offer you is this.

This is a simple task but is very important and will ensure a significantly higher crediting rate per offer. (Many of our members recommend using a programme such as ccleaner to help with this.)


To start earning please choose any of the options available under "Make Money" or "Offerwalls" in the main menu. Here you will see the selection of paid surveys and offers that are available right now. We recommend you check all areas to maximise the amount you can earn each day as each section will have access to different surveys and offers.

Our offers are updated every day so if there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for your tomorrow. So keep coming back and checking daily.


You must follow all of the advertiser instructions, answer the questions honestly and complete the offer requirements through to the end in order to receive a credit. If you fail to do this you may be disqualified or the advertiser may choose pay as a result


On completion of the survey or offer, we recommend that you keep the success page open for a few minutes to assist with tracking and crediting to your account.


- Clear your cookies after you have submitted each offer.
- Allow your browser software to accept third party cookies.
- some advertisers send emails to your inbox for verificaton. Please verify these emails to receive credit.
- Ensure that you complete each offer in full. You must reach the end of the offer to earn credit and remember to leave the success page open for a few minutes at the end.


All of our offers are credited in cash or points and if you wish you can convert your points to cash.

As soon as you reach $1.00 you can request payment via Paypal, Instant Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers Bitcoin.

Points can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards


Another great way to make money at Offernation.com is to REFER YOUR FRIENDS - We pay you a full 25% of everything your referrals earn for life at Offernation.com. Click Here for more information on our referral programme.

We hope you have found this quick guide to Offernation.com helpful.
However, if you still need assistance then please READ OUR FAQ PAGE

Still need help?

Send us a SUPPORT TICKET and we will respond within 24hrs.

Member Chat
1/23/17 11:29 PM
1/23/17 11:32 PM
Offernation: paviagasshi - Speak Up! for 24 points.
1/23/17 11:35 PM
US - 1/23/17 11:52 PM
danroach: live sample stiffed my
US - 1/23/17 11:52 PM
1/23/17 11:53 PM
1/23/17 11:53 PM
1/24/17 12:07 AM
Offernation: dch90 - Tap Research for 36 points.
US - 1/24/17 12:07 AM
thedeed: wheres mine
1/24/17 12:21 AM
1/24/17 12:27 AM
Offernation: Ladywolfe - Offertoro for 32 points.
US - 1/24/17 12:37 AM
danroach: why am i not getting paid
1/24/17 12:38 AM
US - 1/24/17 12:38 AM
danroach: just completed your surveys
US - 1/24/17 12:38 AM
danroach: opps never mind
US - 1/24/17 12:38 AM
danroach: man am i impatient lol
1/24/17 12:44 AM
Offernation: phillips1982 - Noxzema Samples for 60 points.
1/24/17 12:50 AM
Offernation: danroach has just earned $3.07 in CASH.
1/24/17 12:50 AM
Offernation: danroach has just earned $1.46 in CASH.
US - 1/24/17 1:30 AM
danroach: why is my money not showing up in my accounts paypal and bitcoin
US - 1/24/17 1:30 AM
danroach: withdrew instant over half hour ago and bitcoin as well
US - 1/24/17 1:35 AM
danroach: instant paypal takes that long
US - 1/24/17 1:35 AM
danroach: shouldn't
US - 1/24/17 1:42 AM
danroach: i am missing 3 withdrawals sent support tickets
US - 1/24/17 1:42 AM
GB - 1/24/17 1:50 AM
messi10: @danroach - You are trying to switch between different payment accounts and each you do that verification is required. We'll reply to your ticket shortly with mroe details
US - 1/24/17 1:55 AM
danroach: so i cant use 2 different withdrals
US - 1/24/17 1:55 AM
danroach: at the same time its one or the other?
US - 1/24/17 1:57 AM
danroach: im missing 2.03 1.46 3.07 thats 6.56
US - 1/24/17 1:57 AM
danroach: my accoiunt says 4.53
GB - 1/24/17 2:02 AM
messi10: Hi, please review your account history. The funds were added back each time.
GB - 1/24/17 2:02 AM
messi10: any further questions relating to this hsould be directed via support ticket, and please allow up to 24 hours for replies
US - 1/24/17 2:03 AM
danroach: so which account can i use to withdrawl
US - 1/24/17 2:03 AM
danroach: yuou dont tell me that
US - 1/24/17 2:03 AM
danroach: wiich one
US - 1/24/17 2:03 AM
danroach: which account do i use
US - 1/24/17 2:03 AM
danroach: i use paypal you deny it
US - 1/24/17 2:04 AM
danroach: use bitcoin yo deny it
US - 1/24/17 2:05 AM
danroach: which account do i use
1/24/17 2:40 AM
Offernation: Sweett1313 has just earned $1.75 in CASH.
1/24/17 2:40 AM
1/24/17 3:13 AM
1/24/17 3:14 AM
1/24/17 3:16 AM
Offernation: johns5555 has just earned $1.17 in CASH.
US - 1/24/17 3:19 AM
adil55: oh nice
1/24/17 3:20 AM
Offernation: adil55 has just earned $2.21 in CASH.
1/24/17 3:28 AM
US - 1/24/17 3:31 AM
gamer2050: I did one sample cube survey from the available 10 per day and now when I go to it it says it's not available in my country anymore?
1/24/17 4:05 AM
1/24/17 4:08 AM
Offernation: gamer2050 has just earned $3.35 in CASH.
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