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Say So For Good Paid Surveys, Trials and More
Nov 15, 2017 at 03:07 AM

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ViewFruit - New Survey Router
Nov 8, 2017 at 02:18 AM

We have added a new Paid Survey Router from Viewfruit today. 

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October Contest Winners Announced
Nov 1, 2017 at 06:03 AM

The winners in our latest $1000 cash contest have now been announced.

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Member Chat
11/19/17 8:21 PM
11/19/17 8:25 PM
Offernation: Albertaklashae - Workplace Opinions for $1.30.
11/19/17 8:25 PM
Offernation: Albertaklashae has just earned $2.08 in CASH.
11/19/17 8:29 PM
Offernation: Scotte8572 - Tap Research for 24 points.
US - 11/19/17 8:31 PM
amburxxxxx: weird all my points disapeared
GB - 11/19/17 8:34 PM
macccydx: @amburxxxxx - reversed :)
GB - 11/19/17 8:35 PM
macccydx: you done them before :)
11/19/17 8:36 PM
Offernation: Jzerbs - Offertoro for 14 points.
GB - 11/19/17 8:44 PM
macccydx: I am very very hungry! and my cat pointed me and said.."you look very hungry" I said yes i am but i will feed you
GH - 11/19/17 8:45 PM
Princexx: No points yet new
GB - 11/19/17 8:46 PM
macccydx: i feed the cat tuna and she said thankyou :)
11/19/17 8:47 PM
Offernation: Scotte8572 has just earned $3.35 in CASH.
GB - 11/19/17 8:48 PM
macccydx: my cat scratched me and said what is wrong?
GB - 11/19/17 8:49 PM
macccydx: I said I am just hungry cat and I want a sandwich
GB - 11/19/17 8:50 PM
macccydx: cat meow and I said whats wrong puddy?
GB - 11/19/17 8:50 PM
macccydx: I not seen her for 4 days
GH - 11/19/17 8:51 PM
Princexx: Any offer i click on is not available in my location too bad
GH - 11/19/17 8:52 PM
Princexx: I regret signing up
GB - 11/19/17 8:52 PM
macccydx: shame#
US - 11/19/17 8:52 PM
rsimeone: Hey princexx try the daily survey your surveys international
US - 11/19/17 8:53 PM
rsimeone: it will be harder for you to find surveys since you arent in the US but i know a lot of people do that survey
GH - 11/19/17 8:53 PM
Princexx: Okay tnx
11/19/17 8:54 PM
11/19/17 8:55 PM
US - 11/19/17 8:55 PM
rsimeone: no problem, if you need any more help let me know and ill try my best :)
11/19/17 8:56 PM
GB - 11/19/17 8:56 PM
macccydx: helllllppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!
GB - 11/19/17 9:00 PM
GH - 11/19/17 9:02 PM
Princexx: Clicked on every single offer none available in my location
GH - 11/19/17 9:02 PM
Princexx: Why should they say global if its not
US - 11/19/17 9:11 PM
rsimeone: did you try your surveys international?
US - 11/19/17 9:11 PM
rsimeone: see at the top, make money tab?
US - 11/19/17 9:11 PM
rsimeone: daily surveys, your surveys international .75
11/19/17 9:14 PM
11/19/17 9:16 PM
Offernation: Cam201531 has just earned $1.59 in CASH.
11/19/17 9:17 PM
Offernation: atreyeer has just earned $14.48 in CASH.
11/19/17 9:19 PM
Offernation: franknitty816 - Opinion Surveys Daily - USA for $0.70.
11/19/17 9:34 PM
Offernation: chickity - Offer #9976624 for 182 points.
11/19/17 9:37 PM
Offernation: alexxxxx has just earned $1.33 in CASH.
11/19/17 9:45 PM
Offernation: chickity - RevenueWall Survey P2 for $2.18.
11/19/17 9:54 PM
11/19/17 9:58 PM
Offernation: shalucas has just earned $1.66 in CASH.
11/19/17 10:04 PM
11/19/17 10:08 PM
Offernation: chickity has just earned $4.75 in CASH.
11/19/17 10:15 PM
Offernation: Bubbles79 - Offertoro for 60 points.
11/19/17 10:19 PM
Offernation: franknitty816 has just earned $2.70 in CASH.
11/19/17 10:38 PM
11/19/17 10:39 PM
Offernation: kevinpenclay has just earned $10.00 in CASH.
11/19/17 10:46 PM
11/19/17 10:48 PM
Offernation: stells1313 - 979520 for 105 points.
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